Certified NETS is not the least expensive provider. However, our network is problem free and our questions are addressed timely and competently. For us, the end result is what counts the most.

Farmington, MO

Before working with Certified NETS our employees assumed I was the company's IT expert and would come to me with their IT problems. It was stressful and time consuming trying to solve their issues. Now, if we have any problems, Certified NETS engineers are right there. They are professional and dependable. I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about IT problems.

Overland, MO

We use Certified NETS because I do not want to have to know the technical details to keep everything running reliably. Their engineers are very responsive when we need them and they communicate with us so we understand and are comfortable with their actions and recommendations. In addition to helping us when we have a problem, they help us avoid problems with their maintenance and help us meet future evolving needs by responding to technical inquiries from vendors and customers and modifying our systems as industry changes demand.

Creve Coeur, MO

I would like to say that you and your staff have been a valuable part of SAK's growth this year and SAK looks forward to a lasting business relationship.

O'Fallon, MO

We are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with our service from the team at Certified NETS. It's so nice to know that when we have a problem their engineers are here without hesitation. We have never had an issue that they could not fix. I've worked with a number of other computer consultants in the past and no one can touch their level of service or expertise.

Overland, MO

Working with Certified NET's engineers, we get really good response (even if it is not an emergency) and industry expertise. Chris is very personable and easy to talk to, unlike many people in the computer business that talk over your head. Certified NETS is unique in that they are good about working with our other key vendors; they try to make connections to get people talking together.

Chesterfield, MO

The Missouri Foundation for Health is very satisfied with Certified NETS' expertise and responsiveness. We are impressed because the system has never gone down. We like the monthly and quarterly health checks to let us know things are all right... we really like that Certified NETS is pro-active.

St. Louis, MO

Before hiring Certified NETS, our network would go down regularly, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. This is the first time in history we have had a stable environment. Working with Certified NETS has been a real plus. I'm VERY glad we hired these guys to support our network.

Pocahontas, IL

We appreciate the fact that Certified NETS engineers are prompt and responsive to keep our productivity high. Their billing statements detail what was done so we are comfortable that we are spending wisely; we did not have that from previous vendors. We like their proactive, quarterly reviews - we feel they are looking out for our best long-term interests. If we were to change one thing, we would like to have them in-house all the time.

Maryville, MO

With Certified Care, I no longer have to watch our machines ALL the time. I have trust that there is a second set of eyes watching our network. Certified Care keeps our technology stable. In the event that there is an issue, I know Certified Care and Certified NETS' engineers will know about it and respond accordingly. This is all critical since our customers depend on the stability of our network.

Maryville, MO

The City of St. Louis is happy working with Certified NETS. You have a good team of engineers with superior knowledge and easy to work with attitudes. The work you have done for us has been efficient and at a reasonable price. We have worked with other engineering firms that were less efficient. We like how you help us resolve long standing issues once and for all.

St. Louis, MO